KNORR CREAM CHICKEN SOUP 50 GM 140.00 Save:20.00(13%)

LET’s GET COOKING 1 In a 3-Liter saucepan fry the onion in Bertolli with Butter for 3 minutes on a medium heat. Add the carrot and fry for a further 2 minutes. 2 Boil the kettle. Measure out 800ml of boiling water in a measuring jug, then crumble in the Knorr Chicken Stock Cube and stir to make a stock. 3 Add the flour to the pan, then cook for 1 minute, stirring with a wooden spoon. 4 Gradually add the hot stock, about 150ml at a time, stirring well and bringing it to the boil between each addition. 5 Stir in the milk, followed by the chicken, then cook for a further 3 minutes to heat through. Season with black pepper to taste. 6 Ladle into 4 bowls, then serve with a drizzle of Elmlea Double, a sprinkling of fresh thyme leaves and bread on the side.